Crack Seal

No matter how hard you try, you can’t avoid cracks. But we can help you conquer them. Tackle them all with this cost-effective treatment that prevents serious pavement issues from happening down the road.


Why We Use It

  • Prevents water infiltration
  • Reduces potholes and other costly issue
  • Lowest cost preservation techniques
  • Extends road life 2-5 years 
  • Quick return to traffic 
When to Use

Crack Seal Works Best 

  • On cracks greater than ⅛” 
  • To keep small problems from becoming big ones
  • Applied in cooler temperatures of spring and mid- to late- fall


How We Apply It

  1. Clean and dry the crack
  2. Heat sealant and reinforced fibers 
  3. Place the mixture in and around the crack 
  4. Apply detac agent for fast return to traffic

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Together we can do it all.

Get in touch to see how we can use crack seal to solve your pavement problems.