FB Paving

From freezing to heat waves, the climate can wreak havoc on roads. With a flexible treatment like Flexible Base, or FB, you can repair roads with significant distress and a deteriorating base. 


Why We Use It

  • Flexible, pliable material reverts to original structure after a freeze-thaw cycle
  • Significant cost savings over traditional FDR or hot mix paving
  • Extends paving season due to ambient temperature application
  • Saves more of existing road surface, furthering customer savings
  • Highly resilient, requires no additional surface treatment
When to Use

FB Paving Works Best 

  • In climates with severe temperature fluctuations 
  • On surfaces where rigid pavement has failed 
  • On low-volume roads with weak base courses 

How We Apply It

  1. Level existing pavement 
  2. Apply a 2-inch compacted cold-mix overlay 
  3. Reverts to original structure after freeze-thaw cycle 

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