Sealer / Binder (GSB-88 and GSB-78)

Preserving your pavement for the long haul sometimes involves a long process, but with our Gilsonite Sealer/Binder, you can rejuvenate and protect pavement against aggregate loss in hours.


Why We Use It

  • Extends road life 
  • Specified by the FAA and DOD for use on runways and taxiways
  • Seals against water intrusion and aggregate loss
  • Rejuvenates pavement by replenishing oils and resins
  • Gilsonite is a naturally occurring asphalt
When to Use

GSB Works Best 

  • On networks that encounter a lot of moisture 
  • In situations where quick return to traffic is necessary 

How We Apply It

  1. Clean and prepare surface 
  2. Spray onto surface area 
  3. Distribute sand for increased surface friction
  4. Dries in two to three hours

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