Pavement Fabric

A new overlay can do a lot to preserve your pavement. But when coupled with this petroleum-based, woven material, you’ll get a simple addition with serious benefits.


Why We Use It

  • Extends road life 
  • Minimizes water penetration and adds structural support 
  • Seals cracks and blemishes 
  • Inhibits reflective cracking
When to Use

Pavement Fabric Works Best 

  • Together with other preservation treatments 
  • On roads requiring a long-term waterproof barrier
  • As a more budget-friendly option for an interlayer

How We Apply It

  1. Prepare surface by filling small cracks 
  2. Apply sealant 2-6 inches wider than width of fabric 
  3. Use brooming or pneumatic rolling to apply fabric before asphalt has cooled

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