Seal Coating

From rain to snow to sun, no road can escape the elements. But with a little bit of protection, those elements will cause a lot less damage. Commonly referred to as chip seal, bituminous seal coat provides the most affordable alternative to paving asphalt road. And creates a slip-resistant layer of protection that stops raveling, seals minor cracks and extends the life of your road. 


Why We Use It

  • Extends asphalt road life by 5-7 years 
  • Protects against oxidation and weather damage 
  • Reduces water intrusion
  • Provides a membrane layer prior to paving overlays
When to Use

Seal Coating Works Best

  • For existing asphalt roadways with low to moderate traffic and parking lots
  • As part of a comprehensive preservation program 
  • In combination with an additional fog seal to seal aggregates in place, add further waterproofing and give the look of new pavement

How We Apply It

  1. Apply one or more layers of bituminous emulsion over clean roadway surface
  2. Spread cover aggregate and compact into binder according to pre-design specs 
  3. Immediate return to traffic

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