About Us

Our Commitment to Better

Whether customers or employees, we believe that doing good in business starts with being good to your people. When you start with that foundation, everyone gets to benefit from the road ahead.

Our Mission

To be the most respected partner in the region by serving our team and customers like family.

Our Values

Keeping people safe.
Serving each other and our customers.
Finding the right solution for the problem at hand.
Helping good people succeed.
Taking the high road, always.

Our Commitment

To act and do business in ways that honor our partners, the task at hand and the right solution for both.

Who you work with makes all the difference.

Whether you need specialty asphalt products, preservation treatments or entirely new solutions, we’ll be there for you during the road ahead.

We’re dedicated to more.

Being unmatched all the way around demands a strong commitment to all of the things that matter, from pavement to the people that use it.

To Our Employees and Our Community

To Our Products and Our Customers

To Pavement Preservation

Family starts here.


Beginning of the Road

Russell Standard can be traced back to 1929 when Niles E. Russell established an office in Pittsburgh for his business, the Tri-State Culvert Company.  Niles was engaged in selling drainage products, trucks, and construction equipment, from Erie to Waynesburg.  Throughout the turbulent thirties, he operated a coal trucking company, a retail coal business, and a successful topsoil supply operation.  In 1931, Niles was awarded his first major contracting job to furnish topsoil and landscape North and South Park for Allegheny County.

Adding More Miles

By the late 1930’s, Russell Standard was building rural roads to facilitate the transportation of agricultural goods to and from local farms.  During the World War II years, Russell Standard became a major supplier of liquid asphalt for the road construction industry.  In the following decades, paving crews, hot mix asphalt plants, and liquid asphalt emulsion plants were added to the Russell Standard family of products and services.  Niles was always a risk taker and not one to shy away from a good opportunity.  Niles’ final enterprise of risk was constructing an asphalt emulsion plant in Mercer, Pennsylvania in 1973 at the age 75.

Growing the Family

In 1992, Russell Standard expanded our reach by adding Hammaker East to our operations.  As a subsidiary, Hammaker East was created through the acquisition of William S Hammaker and Philgate Company which had been providing Central Pennsylvania municipalities with quality asphalt emulsion products and services since 1923.  In 1998, the Akron, Ohio Emulsion plant was acquired, expanding the Russell Standard footprint into Ohio.

Going Forward Together

The new century started with more expansion. In 2006, we purchased the Black Mountain, North Carolina and Baltimore, Maryland Emulsion plants.  Furthering our growth in 2007, we acquired the Greensboro, North Carolina Emulsion plant.  In 2024, we’ve continued to expand by assuming operation of the Seaford, DE Emulsion plant. But even as our footprint continues to grow throughout the Mid-Atlantic region, our values don’t change. No matter who joins us, everyone is welcomed as part of the Russell Standard family.

More recently, we’ve focused on our commitment to pavement preservation. The development of our Lab near our Mercer plant has helped us push innovation in every part of our business. The acquisition of United Sealing in Marietta, Ohio in 2020 expanded our construction operations to Southern Ohio and has increased our ability to give clients the solutions they need to protect and preserve what matters most to them.

But we’re not done yet. When you’re unmatched all the way around, you’re always finding new ways to move forward.

We all work better together.

It took a lot of hard work to get where we are today, but it wouldn’t have been possible on our own. From our roots moving municipal supplies to our new innovative materials laboratory, every part of our journey has been the result of strong partnerships. 

As we keep our eyes on the road ahead, that’s a tradition we want to continue. We don’t treat business partnerships as transactions. When you join Russell Standard, you’re joining a family – one that cares about people as much what they produce. 

We’re always looking for new partners. If you can help us stay unmatched all the way around, get in touch

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