The Lab

We create what’s next. 

We know what works now may not always work. So since 2017, we’ve put our commitment to quality and innovation to work in our Lab. In early 2020, we furthered that commitment by investing in a new, state-of-the-art facility.  We are proud to be a nationally certified, AASHTO accredited laboratory and operate under their rigorous set guidelines.  The Lab is equipped and accredited for testing involving Performance Graded (PG) asphalt binders, asphalt emulsions, and asphalt cutbacks. By assessing asphalts, aggregates, emulsions, and road samples, we’re developing solutions for today and tomorrow.

Two ways we innovate.

Finding the future of asphalt requires a comprehensive approach. Our lab develops what’s next through two different processes.

Research & Development

Our team finds answers before others discover the problem. Our R&D team is hard at work shaping the future of asphalt applications and products.

Custom-Blended Solutions

Your unique situation deserves a unique solution. We create custom formulations for roofing, roads, water-proofing and more.

Tools that power discovery.

Our brain power can do a lot. But it’s our unique tools that really help our lab uncover the asphalt solutions the future demands.

FTIR Spectrometry

With Fourier-transform infrared technology, we’re examining asphalt on a microscopic level. Looking at materials like never before helps us create new, innovative solutions.

TQC Film Analysis

From developing a solution to testing how it works, our Total Quality Control film analysis gives us the full picture of the innovations created in our lab.

UV Microscopy

Potent spectrum microscopy is used to assess polymers, modifiers and rejuvenators in asphalt.

We’re in the solutions business.

If you have a materials problem that seems to have no solution, we’re ready to help.