Why Pavement Preservation?

We do a little now to protect a lot later.

We know you care about your network. The best way to protect it is to preserve it. That’s why we help all of our clients practice pavement preservation: the cost-effective, more sustainable approach to getting more life out of your roads. 

Keep Good Roads Good 

Even if a road in your network seems like it’s in good shape, it could still use a little support. Treating roads with small treatments early and often extends road life and prevents more serious issues. 

Protect Natural Resources

No matter where your network lives, they’re part of the world we all share. Preventative treatments use less material than reconstruction, helping us protect the places we go and the roads we take to get there. 

Use Budgets Smarter

We all wish we had bigger budgets. Applying preservation techniques, even if it means spending a little money now, is the best way to use them smarter. Work now protects against big spends later.

Pavement Preservation Resources 

Pavement Preservation and Recycling Alliance

Get application info, calculate potential life extensions and more.

USDOT Federal Highway Administration

Access official government resources and information.

Asphalt Emulsion Calculator

Approximate the quantity of road oil needed for your job.

Partner in Preservation

Talk with us to see how our tools and expertise can protect every part of your network.