Delta Mist

Protecting the planet shouldn’t come at the expense of protecting pavement. A liquid, plant-based asphalt rejuvenator, Delta Mist can extend pavement life by up to three years without negative environmental effects. Developed utilizing the 12 Principles of Green Chemistry, Delta Mist delivers the asphalt rejuvenation you need in a more environmentally friendly way.


Why We Use It

  • Restores oxidized asphalt up to 3⁄8 inches in depth
  • Improves cohesion to reduce crack propagation
  • Return to traffic in less than two hours
  • Does not obscure traffic markings or affect reflectivity
When to Use

Delta Mist Works Best

  • Ambient temperature must be a minimum of 50°F minimum and rising
  • Asphalt pavement must be clean and dry with a surface temperature of 50°F minimum and rising


How We Apply It

  1. Topical seal applied by conventional distributors

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