Create a better wearing course without a wait. Grip-Tight’s asphalt emulsion is especially designed to improve surface appearance, hold down aggregate, resist water and return to traffic within 30-minutes.


Why We Use It

  • Resists water intrusion
  • Dark, shiny asphalt surface for high striping contrast
  • Eliminates asphalt tracking 
  • Mitigates minor reflective cracking 
  • Removes the need for sand application, reducing labor costs
When to Use

Grip-Tight Works Best 

  • Combined with chip seal applications to hold chips in place 
  • To preserve and extend roadway shoulders
  • In conjunction with slag sand to seal existing aged HMA safely

How We Apply It

  • A single light application is sprayed onto existing asphalt surface

Together we can do it all.

Get in touch to see how we can use Grip-Tight to solve your pavement problems.