Potholes have finally met their match. Exceed all DOT specifications with an affordable, high-grade, performance cold patch. With JASA-HP, your network has never been more prepared to sustain extreme weather. 


Why We Use It

  • A permanent repair solution 
  • No heat required 
  • Reduced cost due to low energy usage in manufacturing
  • Adhesion promoter and anti-strip allows 100% coating of aggregate
When to Use

JASA-HP Works Best 

  • For networks exposed to extreme temperatures 
  • In high-moisture situations 
  • For potholes in all situations 

How We Apply It

  1. Finished product remains workable in the most extreme temperatures
  2. Apply permanent patch to pothole 
  3. Material coats pothole and cures, regardless of moisture level

Russell Standard portable pugmill can manufacture JASA-HP at your site. Our product engineer is on site to ensure proper production and it can be custom-blended to work with your specific aggregate.

Together we can do it all.

Get in touch to see how we can use JASA-HP to solve your pavement problems.